They not my team, they can do what they want, the league will

Baxter Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed with the LA Galaxy

David Neres rejoices with his teammates after scoring canada goose uk shop a brace as Ajax beat Venlo 4 1 in the EredivisieIt’s la Galaxy vs LAFC and it’s the 80th minute LAFC and Galaxy are tied. Galaxy make a substitution for zlatan, But he’s buy canada goose jacket not on the sideline. People throughout the stadium are confused. Until the sound of canada goose black friday sale a plane roars overhead. They see an obscure figure falling from the plane as it gets closer people realize it’s zlatan himself fresh from Europe. But he doesn’t have a parachute and hit the ground at Canada Goose sale mind boggling speeds canada goose and a cloud of dust surrounds where he fell. The entire stadium speechless. Until a soccer ball is launched from the cloud of dust into LAFC’s goal. The dust clears and it’s zlatan himself just standing there in buy canada goose jacket cheap his spotless galaxy kit. The goal is good. The stadium goes crazy. The women are all ovulating and the men all have erections. Don garner comes on the field and just hand the MLS cup to the galaxy. He will most uk canada goose outlet surely (and rightfully) not play on cheap Canada Goose turf.

I mean, I as big a Galaxy hater as they come (my local club is their biggest rival) and would love nothing more to see this move blow up in their face, as some defender is likely to sideline him for half his contract while he over here, but I see in no way how this affects the reputation of MLS more than it Canada Goose Jackets does the Galaxy. They are desperate canada goose store for stars to sell out their half empty suburban stadium more than ever now canada goose coats with the arrival of a credible intra city competitor. All this does is cheap canada goose uk show that they out of canada goose clearance sale ideas of how to compete.

edit: He not even taking up one their 3 DP slots, which are all occupied by players under 30. Our signings over the last couple years have Canada Goose online been anything but “retirement league” like.

Most other teams in Canada Goose Outlet the league are also signing more and more younger players. This sort canada goose clearance of Zlatan signing is pretty rare these days. Having said that, other clubs can sign who they want. I a TFC fan first and foremost like I said, my main concern is that TFC new player strategy is on track. The league is improving every year either way, if some teams in the league want to sign 36 year olds, that their prerogative. One signing does not change the general direction the league has been going in lately, and like I said it doesn affect the club I support any either.

I guess what I trying to say is that I much more focused on the success of the club I support, than trying to dispel some notion some people have that this league is this or that. I seen the numbers, canadian goose jacket I know what sort of players are coming into this league. If somebody really still thinks canada goose coats on sale that this is a retirement Canada Goose Parka league, then whatever. They obviously haven looked at Canada Goose UK the numbers lately, and I got much more important things to do anyway, like supporting Canada Goose Online my clubHonestly, I think they all saw it coming and don want another “name” for name sake. Drogba, Gerrard Canada Goose Coats On Sale and probably Zlatan treating it as a retirement league just makes fans upset. They want it to grow and names don really help. Villa, Robbie Keane and even Henry are the kinds of player mentalities that they want to see. If they want to spend money bringing in old players, I not going to voice any opposition to that. They not my team, they can do what they want, the league will uk canada goose continue improving every season either way.

I am invested in the league moving forward, canada goose uk outlet but I don think this signing will hurt that any. If canada goose factory sale anything it will probably draw in more viewers and maybe create fans canada goose uk black friday out of some people. In the end this doesn really affect TFC any, so whatever. I would be far more opinionated about this if they were bringing in a top player in his prime.

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