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[By Jaures SOGBOSSI]

The wish of France helped by Ouattara and Macky Sall is that this ECOWAS currency constitutes a loophole in the face of the protests against the But, all this show having only one goal: To maintain the FCFA that one renames in order to maintain the monetary dominance of France on its ECOWAS ECO MONEY COULD BE AN AUTONOMOUS CURRENCY MANAGED BY AFRICANS AT 100%? Faced with the scheme above, stand the countries like Nigeria and the
Thus, Nigeria clearly says that it will not make currency ECOWAS with countries which do not make a categorical break with the… Who will know what this ECOWAS currency will be exactly following the wars of influence, intimidation, leadership that will develop in the coming days until 2020… In any case, the acceptance or rejection of the ECOWAS currency will depend on its final structure, and especially the ratio of the credit granted by the banks to the GDP which will be
Meanwhile, the currency KORIS gathering all the 15 countries using the FCFA is in download in
The reminder of the following facts you will decode the explanation given here – January 2017: Intensification of protest movements against – June 2017: Shattering out of President Idriss Deby on – August 31, 2017: Visit of Ivorian President Ouattara to France who declared of the joint press conference with Macron: ” The FCFA is a good currency that serves the people ” before adding in the same day during a press conference: ” We have the ambition of course to expand this union and move towards a currency of ECOWAS in a timely manner ”
– 24 October 2017: Niger Summit on ECOWAS currency with front line of white-skinned men.

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