That what kind of makes it a toss up in my mind

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cheap moncler coats for women 15 points submitted 3 days agoI see what you mean, but I think it silly to assume all schools look for the same thing and that it purely random how things worked out for you and your friends. Schools have different standards, goals, and experiences, and I assume you and your friends are different. Some schools value research. Some moncler outlet sale schools value community service. Some schools want people who are likely to go into primary care, etc, etc. Maybe a school has noticed people with X quality perform poorly in their curriculum and so they steer away from it, while another school hasn had that experience. 3 points submitted 11 days agoVandy vs NW vs Pitt vs USC. After moncler online store this moncler usa weekend I finally finished second looks, and I still can make a decision. I have at least ruled out Case and UVA. These are good schools but none of them have exactly the moncler uk outlet programs I am looking for. At the beginning of the cycle I had my heart set on California too. That what kind of makes it a toss up in my mind. I moncler womens jackets will moncler outlet prices probably want to match back to California, just like every other person from this state says lol.My interests outside of clinical medicine lie mostly in translational research and new technology. I was looking for programs that explore how medicine intersects with engineering and business, especially in the context of innovation. Other things that are important to me would be finding the time to work with underserved Latino communities, cheap moncler jackets mens having a collaborative atmosphere, and a flexible discount moncler jackets curriculum.I would have to take out cheap moncler jackets full loans for each, and I didn get any aid moncler outlet from my other acceptances either. 1 point submitted 9 days agoI think it just comes down to what you value most and what risks you willing to take. I doubt Vanderbilt would make it much more difficult for you to match back to CA, but I sure it a safer bet attending USC in that regard. How disappointed would you be if you didn match back to CA for residency? Would you regret choosing Vanderbilt in that scenario? I think that what you really need to make your decision based off of.Also, how important is it to you to work with underserved Latino communities? LA is going to blow Nashville out of the water in that regard. I don think you would need to feel 2018 moncler black friday bad about choosing USC either. It still a great school with great networking.Overall, if I was you, I choose the path of least regret. That how I make my major decisions. 2 points submitted 18 days agoI honestly really skeptical about that (not saying you a liar, more so saying that they liars). 515 and 520+ are all top tier scores with a very, very small percentage of overall applicants receiving these scores.A lot of our classes don promote critical thinking if you don try. I always go the extra step and read the book/assign myself extra homework, which probably is a good skill to have as I continue my education.I also think the uk moncler outlet best way to understand material and apply it is cheap moncler jackets womens by having cheap moncler sale a dickhead of a teacher. A professor who feeds you answers, and bases his/her moncler outlet store exams off of rote memorization of moncler outlet woodbury his/her notes a shit professor, no matter how many 4.0 he/she moncler sale gives. But a professor who teaches the main idea, expects a lot from students, pushes students to read the book, and develop the skills necessary to teach themselves is a good professor, no matter how many students he/she fails.I think the high MCAT scores at our rival school are because their undergraduate education is extremely difficult, competitive, and rigorous, creating a population of very skilled, experienced, and uk moncler sale educated students. The students have been pushed hard, and far more is expected of them. They likely retain the material better, and when approaching the MCAT, they truly treat it as a “review” instead of “learning ______ for the first time and barely moncler sale outlet recalling _____”.I guess what I saying is, how can a student preform well on the MCAT, cheap moncler coats mens which requires critical thinking, when the student never had the opportunity to develop his/her critical thinking skills in undergrad due to the ease of his/her courses? You don develop these skills over night, and you can develop these skills really quickly for the MCAT. It doesn make sense.On a last note, I know how many students apply out of our school from undergrad, and how many students get in. It NOT a lot, and everyone would be shocked if they found out the true numbers. I 100% confident moncler outlet online when I say that most people who are premed here have no idea what the fuck they doing. 1 point submitted 17 days agoIt all a balancing act. If you purposefully challenging yourself more than you need to, especially to a point where it taking up an immense amount more of your time than it otherwise would, I don think it a smart decision. It not like taking easier professors means you don learn anything. It just makes it so you have less bullshit to deal with to get the A, moncler sale online and that gives you more time to enhance your application in other ways. Almost everyone is going to spend a great deal of time studying for the MCAT anyway, where you learn what you need to know and how to think about the problems they present you.Take gen chem at my school as an example. There three professors you can take, and they all have different teaching styles and amounts of homework they require, but everyone takes the same exam at the same time. If you acing the exams with the easier professor, you learning the material just as well as the person who aced the exam with the tougher professor, except they had to deal with way more bullshit along the way.Put in the time when you need to. Learn what you need to. But don arbitrarily challenge yourself more than is necessary and waste your time. You better off spending that time best moncler jackets volunteering or shadowing. 2 points submitted 18 days ago15 credits. Aside from doing all of my homework, which takes probably 10ish hours a week on average, I start studying when I am 5 days out from an exam. At that point, I start doing a mix of screwing around (Reddit, games, YouTube) and studying all day, with the proportions based off of how prepared I feel cheap moncler coats for women.

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