Stress Management With Ayurveda

Traffic Jams. Deadlines. Presentations. Health problems. Household chores. Social pressures. Examinations. Performance anxiety. All these are stress factors- in fact, stress has become part and parcel of modern life. Nike Paris Some people are able to cope with stress, others thrive on it. However, for most people, constant stress can trigger a host of problems- physical, mental and emotional- which in turn can lead to greater stress. asics gel kayano 21 męskie It’s a vicious circle- but Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Science of Life, offers natural solutions for stress management- solutions that have stood the test of time. nike air max 1 donna Ayurveda is a science which believes that the three “doshas” in an individual’s body – Vatta , Pitta and Kapha are the three psycho-physiological principles that govern all a person’s activities. A person enjoys good health if these three are in perfect balance- and any imbalance results in diseases of the mind and body. Ayurvedic Prakriti Parikshana includes evaluation of a person’s doshas to determine his or her psychological constitution. new balance 574 homme gris Thus an Ayurvedic physician can predict the stress factors to which a person is most susceptible- and address the problem at its root. New Balance 998 damskie Types of Stress There are three different manifestations of day-to-day stress from the perspective of Ayurveda – mental, emotional, and physical- and each requires different approaches and therapies. Mental stress, according Ayurveda , is caused by an imbalance of Vata dosha, which regulates brain activity, energy and the mind. As a result, the individual loses the ability to handle day-to-day problems The person’s mind becomes hyperactive, yet he or she loses the ability to make clear decisions, to think positively, to feel enthusiastic, and even to fall asleep at night. To correct this imbalance it is important to favour Vata-balancing foods, with sweet, sour, and salty tastes, and to include warm milk and light dietary products in one’s diet. new balance homme rouge A daily self massage with warm oil is recommended. Emotional stress is caused by an imbalance of the Pitta dosha and manifests itself as irritability, depression, and emotional instability. It affects sleep in a different way than mental stress – it can cause you to wake up in the night and not be able to go back to sleep. Under Armour Curry 6 To achieve a balance of the Pitta dosha, have plenty of sweet juicy fruits and foods with sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. Drink a cup of warm milk with cooling rose petal preserve before bedtime, and cook with cooling spices such as cardamom, coriander, cilantro, and mint. A daily self massage with coconut oil will be helpful too. Physical stress is caused when the balance of both Kapha and Vata is disturbed. The solution is to balance Vata and to support Kapha by getting adequate rest and moderate exercise, to follow a specific diet recommended by your physician, and to have a daily warm oil full body massage.


Panchakarma To Fight Stress Panchakarma therapy has a role in stress management too. Its aim is to remove toxins from the body as well as to nourish and relax. It removes the negative energy that triggers stress, whether physical, mental or emotional. Kerala, in South India, is a land famed for its physicians whose expertise in administering Panchakarma therapy is unparalleled. New Balance 574 mujer The most effective therapies for stress management are Sirodhara, Thailadhara, and Snehapanam. Sirodhara is the procedure by which gently warmed herbal medicinal oil is allowed to flow on the forehead of the individual, from a vessel hanging right above the patient’s head. It is very effective in calming down the nervous system and in treating nervous disorders. Mochilas Kanken Big In Thailadhara, the entire body is massaged with medicinal oil made from specific herbs to release the toxins in the body through the skin. air max pas cher Snehapanam is the oral administration of mixture of herbs in ghee or butter. The herbs include asparagus, gooseberry, sandalwood, neem and amla. Ayurvedic physicians will also prescribe certain herbal medicines known as Arishtams and Kashayams to counter an individual’s stress factors.

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