Maybe would have bought in canada goose store in the low 7ks

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canada goose clearance It one thing to anticipate canada goose how price will continue to move after a particular price level support/resistance is broken, and quite another to plot on a chart price movements weeks or months down the road. I find that it often the elliot wave hobbyists who tend to do buy canada goose jacket cheap the latter for some reason or another. concepts of support and resistance and technical formations/patterns that can shed some light into market psychology). You are likely to find that you are a lot better off practicing and perfecting your application of such TA, and avoiding price predictions posts which can potentially cloud your analysis by producing the basic emotions of fear or hope.mandy7 10 points submitted 12 days agoI said I plan on evaluating uk canada goose outlet again at 7.8k range. It seems every time we pass through it the band around 7.8 and 8.2 serves as some resistance/support (7.8 currently resistance). It never insurmountable and we have just blown through it before too, but it usually a zone we tended to hang around a bit recently. That, coupled with the RSI being so overbought, makes me think I wouldn be surprised if we consolidated here Canada Goose Outlet for a bit (maybe with relatively minor upward movement) while the RSI cools off and the flag Canada Goose Coats On Sale lengthens. A drop below 7.5 would start me being worried regarding a fakeout (alarms set there) but that pop was pretty convincing.If we do continue up from here and break 7.8k (not 100% but certainly looks good imo), wed probably go test the log ATH resistance in 8ks again (location depends on how fast we get up there could see it being a slog).Worth noting canada goose clearance sale that if there not a long period of price consolidation before we go test that ATH resistance I be pretty nervous Canada Goose Online the daily Canada Goose online RSI right now is looking like a set up for a uk canada goose massive hidden bear div canada goose clearance if the price turns around anywhere in the 8000s. Any turn around in price would also cause the daily stoch RSI to cross in the overbought region, which has been a very bad signal throughout the bear market. No use worrying about Canada Goose Parka things that haven yet happened though.Personally, I caught this wave with my 7.2k stop and pretty happy with that. Maybe would have bought in canada goose store in the low 7ks once the insane volume on the move up came but not canada goose coats going to regret playing it safe.Neo is built to be regulation compliant. Eth is the Wild West, as you know. Neo has been built from day one to work in China, which is a communist regime. Ethereum will never be accepted in China because the government can’t regulate it.China will be the first to truly embrace Blockchain technologies (contrarian I know) canada goose uk black friday and are just trying to figure out how to benefit China first. It’s the ultimate hedge, specially if you own Eth.Personally, I own more neo than Eth, because I think it’s earlier in its lifecycle and thus has more upside from a ROI perspective.I’m buying now, so that when neo is worth 750 1000 Canada Goose Jackets then I can just invest 1 neo into NEP5 icos, is the same way that early Eth investors did with erc20.I see this stated often here, yet have never seen canada goose uk anybody on this reddit provide concrete examples to substantiate this claim.Reading through your entire post unfortunately leaves me in the same state that I was in before reading it.At the same time, just to share a thought about NEO and the ICOs that are currently or have already launched on it. Despite the initial barrier to entry, posed in the form of a Gas requirement, i see no other reasons buy canada goose jacket that would make me believe that fraudulent ICOs are canada goose coats on sale less likely to launch on the NEO blockchain than on Ethereum. If an ICO founder rationally believes that he can more profitably defraud the NEO community than the Ethereum community (after accounting for the initial Gas cost), he/she would choose to launch the ICO on NEO rather than Ethereum. The Gas barrier to entry would therefore not serve as a meaningful mechanism cheap Canada Goose to make cheap canada goose uk NEO a safer or more compliant platform. 1 point submitted 13 days agoIf we are indeed near the end of the downtrend, my only regret is not being able to see the majority of the alts go to 0.There are some really good and legit projects out there, but I am pretty canada goose factory sale convinced that the majority are simply created as a way for the founders Canada Goose sale to siphon money out canada goose black friday sale of canadian goose jacket the cryptomarkets. And it wouldn surprise me if someday it was revealed that some of these exchanges have been paid by crooked altcoin founders to wash trade and pump those coins, canada goose uk shop just so that the founders themselves can unload canada goose uk outlet their huge blocks at a high price to unsuspecting buyers canada goose clearance.

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