Male infertility? Try Ayurveda!

Name: Shiva Prasad
Age : 42
City/ Country : Vijaywada, India

Shiva’s Experience
I am a dentist by profession. I was married at the age of 26, but after 4 years of marriage, my wife passed way. I had no children from my first marriage, and six years back, I married a widow who had two small children. Even though my wife and I were keen to have a child of our own, she did not conceive for five years. Since she already had two little daughters, the problem was obviously from my side- but I was reluctant to go to the usual fertility clinics for treatment. I had read that the 3000 year old Ayurvedic text, the Charaka Samhita, provides complete solutions to a mind boggling number of sexual problems, including infertility. My wife’s cousin has married an Ayurvedic physician who practices in Kerala, so we decided to consult him- for after all, Kerala is famed not only as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but also as the land where Ayurveda has been a way of life for more than 5000 years.

I had read that there are many reasons for male infertility. These include hormone imbalances, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol, deskbound work, the degrading environment, high pollution levels and the distortion of the food chain that leads to damage in the DNA of the sperm. Ayurveda classifies these reasons into Ativyavayat or over indulgence in sexual activity, vyayamat or over exertion, which may include any kind of physical exertion or strenuous mental efforts, avyayamat which is the result of over relaxation, laziness or a very leisurely life style, asatmyanam cha sevanat or eating highly spiced, salted, sour, frozen foods, foods with low nutrition- and lack of hygiene,as well as unhealthy behavioural habits. As a result, a low sperm count, medically known as Oligospermia, is a very common problem, these days.

The Treatment

My treatment started with a physical examination, and detailed study of my habits and temperment, to determine my constitution and formulate a personalized protocol. Ayurveda has many herbal remedies that are concocted from special plants and plant extracts, which are believed to have a positive effect on the reproductive organs, hormonal system and sex drive. The procedures prescribed in my case included shodhan chikitsa, which is basically a cleansing therapy, and panchakarma therapies like Abhyanga or whole body massage, shirodhara, which involves gently pouring specific liquids over the forehead, and nasya where medicines are administered through the nostrils. These procedures helped me relax, both physically and mentally. I also underwent a special rejuvenation therapy to revitalize the body, reinforce it internally and externally, enhance endurance and assist in creating healthier sperms.
In addition to these herbal medicines, overcoming male infertility requires some basic modulation in lifestyle and food habits. A combination of milk, ghee and honey in cold water in specific proportion depending upon one’s body constitution, along with other medicines, serves as a good rasayan or rejuvenating tonic. I was advised to take plenty of organic fruits, fruit juices and vegetables, as well as almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, black currants, dates, figs, apricots, and raisins. Milk and dairy products like cream and butter as well as milk shakes made with date or mango were also prescribed. As I am a non vegeatarian I was told to have eggs and soups made with chicken and mutton as these are very beneficial in increasing fertility. I used to take rice pudding or vermicelli pudding prepared in ghee at least twice a week, and was advised that spices such as ajwain powder, cumin, turmeric should be added to curries as they cleanse the genitourinary tract. I was also told to include coconut and coconut milk in my regular diet. Smoking and drinking were strictly forbidden. Lifestyle changes included regular exercise and yoga- especially pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen internal organs. To be frank, there were days when I was tempted to break the strict regimen- but I am glad I persevered- for today my wife and I are the proud parents of a healthy little boy and our family is now complete!

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