Leucoderma? Try ayurveda

Name: Yusef Ali

Age: 48

City/ Country: Qatar


Yusef’s Experience

I am an engineer working in the Gulf. Two years back, I noticed a small white spot on the back of my hand. It was painless, and I did not pay much attention to it, until it started to become bigger. This made my wife very worried. She thought it might be Leucoderma and had heard that there was no cure for this condition. Compra Zapatillas New Balance When we went to my home in Kerala for a vacation, she convinced me to seek the advice of an Ayurvedic physician as to what I should do. Kerala in South India has some of the finest Ayurvedic physicians in the world, and Ayurveda has been a way of life for the people of my state for thousands of years. After a careful study of my constitution, physical condition and lifestyle habits my physician confirmed that I did indeed have Leucoderma. new balance femme blanche 996 He explained to me that it was a non infectious disorder of the skin where white patches are formed because the cells have stopped producing melanin, the pigment that colours our skin. Zapatillas Adidas Baratas The white patches that are known as vitiligo are painless and remain sensory. He also set my mind at rest by assuring me that the patches are not harmful in any way, except for the cosmetic problems that they may cause.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Leucoderma is called Shivtra in Ayurveda. air max pas cher pour homme My physician told me that the belief that it cannot be treated was a myth. ray ban pas cher On the contrary remarkable re-pigmentation can be achieved in every patient and its spread can be arrested- provided that patient follows dietary restrictions and take appropriate treatment for prescribed period. The first step in this process is to try and determine the root cause. Boston Celtics An irregular lifestyle, improper food and drink habits, chronic constipation, colitis or intestinal worms are some reasons. Other causes could be the side effects of certain drugs, allergies, mental tension or any form of trauma. Once the cause had been determined- in my case, it was the combined effect of several factors- treatment began. air max 2017 goedkoop

I underwent both Sodhan and Shaman Chikitsa. Shodan is a cleaning procedure and Shaman a palliative one. Certain Ayurvedic medicines were also prescribed. They were a mixture of purely herbal medicines and well as herbo mineral remedies. New Balance 446 damskie The herbal medicines were photo sensitizing and blood purifying. They had to be used along with systematic exposure to sunlight. The herbo mineral remedies act as immune- suppressants to prevent the spread of the white patches. As regards my diet, I was advised to increase consumption of vegetables that are bitter in taste and to stay away from away from difficult to digest foods, sour taste, excessive salt, curd, fish, jaggery and sesame seeds. Some specialized practitioners in Kerala advise the following as diet for 40 days with external applications – 600 gm raw cucumber and 3 betel leaves three times a day and food made from bitter gourd…but this treatment requires a lot of determination! Certain lifestyle changes were also advised which I continue to follow faithfully to this day.

I was told that I must continue the re-pigmentation protocol until the white patches disappeared completely. In case one or two patches remained, I was advised that a paste made from mehndi leaves must be applied to the affected area or a lotion made with the root of Plumbago Zylanica in absolute alcohol can painted over the skin. This imparts natural colour which lasts for two to four days after which it can be reapplied.

Home Remedies

My physician also suggested several home remedies that I could try after returning to the Gulf. New Balance These remedies can be tried by anyone who suspects that they may be developing Leucoderma. One home remedy is to mix 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder in 250 ml of mustard oil. The paste must be applied on the white patches of skin, twice a day, for a period of 12-15 months. The application of Sweet Basil leaf extracts with lemon juice for 5-6 months also produces good results. Water kept in a copper vessel overnight and drunk the next day is believed to be very good for those with this condition. Application of a paste of 50 gms white radish seeds ground with vinegar is another option.

Leucoderma is a condition that can affect any one at any time. However, experience has taught me that it need not be a cause for worry. asics femme pas cher In the initial stages, home remedies can be helpful, and later on, Ayurveda offers a course of treatment that I personally have found effective.

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