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canada goose store treetimes 13 points submitted 2 days ago canada goose store

You’re being rude. You can share your opinions without calling someone uneducated. What he’s saying is that yes, of course those who make the most have the largest tax burden.

canada goose clearance sale Then you accused Canada Goose sale him of being unemployed, and therefore what? Not worthy of an opinion? canada goose You uk canada goose should find canadian goose jacket another outlet for your anger that doesn’t Canada Goose Jackets involve other people. canada goose clearance sale

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Canada Goose online What does electorate demand better amount to? It should be implied that debates are things the electorate demands. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket If Ford base doesn punish him for skipping debates, then it can be assumed that debates are not actually demanded by a portion of the electorate. How big a portion remains to be seen. canadian goose jacket

Skipping debates so you can yell platitudes at clouds should not become the new normal for right wing candidates. They’re basically espousing willful ignorance as a platform.

Canada Goose sale While I agree with you, we seen how effective this exact strategy has been in a number of different political arenas. It would be naive to expect that this won be attempted by Ford, uk canada goose outlet especially when we consider his particular disposition. Canada Goose sale

Until the electorate canada goose coats refuses to engage with politicians who display utter disregard/disdain for our democratic processes canada goose black friday sale (including participating in debates and making oneself available to a variety of journalistic/media outlets), canada goose store we will get the trash candidates and politics that we (collectively) deserve.

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No one is expecting that. But why should Canada Goose Outlet we be suddenly expecting all these people working in tech with great incomes (120k 200k) to just start buying property? Of course some will. But a lot of those people either haven saved up enough for a down payment, or are new to Toronto and aren ready to commit to purchasing a property. And if prices quickly start declining, Canada Goose Parka they Canada Goose Online what, be excited and want to jump in the market?

canada goose clearance I personally think we only see a modest decline, but there is currently greater risk in the downside versus any growth potential. canada goose clearance

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The idea that the Fourth highest rated cable TV news show being boycotted by people who don watch for something only ravenous lunatics would classify as offensive soliciting a large social media response, not from viewers of the show and conservatives in general who are under a constant moral canada goose clearance sale attack from the buy canada goose jacket left, but the Russian government.

Canada Goose Outlet If the argument is the bots contribute in some less than meaningful way to perpetuate these narratives than why don I ever see news articles on all the ways bots on the internet influence pretty much every narrative in Canada Goose Coats On Sale politics or otherwise. Private companies use bots and other ethically gray methods to perpetuate propaganda. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Hell, I am willing to bet that the anti gun march that attracted 200k 50 year olds and a canada goose uk shop few high school classes was in some way propped up on social media by BOTS from the democratic party or one of the many super pacs that fund them. China? Do they have bots that influence (or attempt to influence). Saudi Arabia? Pakistan had a group of spies working FOR THE DEMOCRATS for Pete sake. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose If you people were really so concerned with Russian bots and are democracy you would have the consistency to ask these basic fucking questions. This is a concoction narrative meant to keep DEMOCRATS eyes on Russia and away from the fact that conservatives actually have numbers and aren crazy bigots. They are real Americans canada goose factory sale who disagree with you. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka TPTB don want you to have canada goose sale womens to deal with that fact. They want you complacently blaming Russia for the failures of the elite. Canada Goose Parka

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buy canada goose jacket Generally curious here, are there good reasons that we shouldn’t legislate some kind of “available by default” rules that would require any and all buy canada goose jacket cheap government project’s documents go through a redaction and publishing process at the end of their usefulness? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals I can see arguments for level of effort. but it seems like a good way that transparency could be achieved for everyone and cheap Canada Goose not just news papers with the time and money. canada goose deals

Then cheap canada goose uk FOI requests could be about justifying redaction.

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canada goose Sales are down like canada goose uk black friday 50% this year and prices down 20%. No one is speculating. Poor people just want more government intervention because they still can afford it. Ironically idiot Wynn canada goose coats on sale made it worse for them by pushing people down the property ladder, inflating the price of condos and starter homes. Then pushing more people out of buying so now the rental market is screwed too. Then on top of all that rent control is pushing developers and landlords out of the market further reducing supply. Everyone loves the free market until it negatively impacts them, then they cry to the government to fix canada goose uk outlet it and they end up getting screwed even worse because politicians are idiots who don understand Canada Goose online finance or economics. canada goose

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canada goose coats These comments only aim to create uncertainty among the uneducated. You managed to somehow trip over your own feet before anyone had a chance to canada goose clearance correct you canada goose coats.

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