If you have this game on Xbox, it time to play

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sNeakyDoge86 32 points submitted 3 days ago

I canada goose factory outlet heard that the next patch (1.5) will be the BIG one that Canada Goose Jackets will canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet new york city hopefully fix every bug (that technically rather impossible but you know how they mean it). It will go through long testing and uk canada goose won come out sooner than in a month. That should be last patch.

Modding tools are in the works. Theresa short storyline, tournament mode and blacksmithing DLC Is Canada Goose online in the works it canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet uk sale was promised on Kickstarter and every backer will get it for free, others might have to pay for it, we see.

EDIT canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet nyc Vavra tweeted that if you have the Halberd bug and it continues post patch canada goose you will canada goose outlet either need to start fresh or Canada Goose Outlet wait for 1.5 to play canada goose uk shop off your 1.3 saves.

EDIT 2 I official canada goose outlet know some of you will be against starting over and losing progress, but let be honest. This game has hundreds if not thousands of hours of cheap Canada Goose gameplay to offer, especially to hermits like me who canada goose outlet toronto factory loved playing Skyrim on a big screen while staring up at the stars from a camper on top of a mountain. I gave Canada Goose Online WarHorse a lot of shit for the past. I giving them a tentative kudos as of now. 1.4.3 is performing very well after five hours of gameplay. uk canada goose outlet It take time to confirm that the worst of the bugs are squashed for Xbox, but so far the worst problem its parkas given me is deciding whether I want to take the quad at night and four wheel down a mountain 8 miles to the canada goose outlet reviews nearest gas station to get more beer or keep being Henry, the Badass canada goose outlet in usa Bearded Butcher of canada goose uk outlet Bohemia!

EDIT 3 Screw the brews when I can burn buds, canada goose clearance sale legally of course. The forests in KC:D at night are surreal, and with a little Kush encouragement, they fucking breathtaking. I turning off my phone now and not replying till sometime tomorrow. If you have this game on Xbox, it time to play.

RagnarsDisciple 1 point canada goose coats on sale submitted 9 days ago

I respect your decision to delete your 30 hours and start a new playthrough, but I am just not willing to delete my 80 hours. There was a huge learning curve that I had to overcome and I felt canada goose outlet jackets pretty good improving at the games many systems. I canada goose outlet parka made canada goose outlet canada a lot of mistakes, learned Canada Goose Coats On Sale canada goose outlet black friday from them, skilled up, and I want that work to canada goose store pay off on my original playthrough. I will https://www.canadagooseonlineshop.co.uk give it 1 more chance because you are right, it was magical, but if canada goose outlet shop the problems persist I will sadly trade the game for canada goose outlet online uk something more polished. But man, the canada goose outlet store character canada goose jacket outlet progression in this canada goose outlet sale game canada goose outlet online is top notch, and I really value that in games I play above all else, granted that the game actually is playable.

IammayoGOTY 9 points submitted 9 days ago

Can speak for the upcoming patch but the current version canada goose black friday sale is still a mess. Playable, but a Canada Goose Parka mess.

If you a player that easily annoyed by bugs and glitches, tbh I doubt it a right game for you. I see people complain about small issues. if you one of those, this definitely isn a game for you.

I loved my experience with it and I will replay it someday soon but I have to make you aware of the sometimes horribly buggy state of the game before recommending it. 22 points submitted 14 days ago

I canada goose outlet uk definitely believe in our game and heck, I myself am a console canada goose outlet store canada goose coats uk gamer, mainly canada goose clearance on the Xbox. I completely understand the frustrations of our fans, and know that I definitely care. I buy canada goose jacket cheap out in tons of canada goose black friday sale hours on the PC (pre launch mostly) and roughly 100 hours on the console. canadian goose jacket Haven had a game breaking bug, but I have had bugs, no denying that. There are many who can play, but for those who can yeah, Canada Goose sale it frustrating. At any rate, I here, cheap canada goose uk and I always will be.

We will be supporting our game for a goose outlet canada very long time. We will have DLC and mod stuff, but we are truly focusing on the polish. We getting there.

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