She did not know the words for intestines

️Natasha Demkina The X-Ray Eye Girl

More videos: The story of Natasha Demkina, become a world phenomenon for its supposed ability to see through the eyes A Russian girl with X-ray eyes astonishes Japanese scientists with his amazing gift! English and Japanese scientists have recognized that the girl has a staggering ability to see through her

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Scientists became interested in her, and invited her to London to lend herself to experiments
Natasha Demkina recently had a similar test in Tokyo, where Japanese scientists confirmed the young person’s donation
“It takes me too much time to explain and detail all that I have.” During the trial in Japan, Natasha could see that one of the patients had a knee. When the Japanese doctors compared Natasha’s drawing to the curvature of X-ray photography, they could see that the picture and the drawing were absolutely
Natasha Demkina was asked to diagnose the disease of a rottweiler
> The girl with X-ray view in Russia is embarrassing doctors

According to Russian news agency Pravda, 16-year-old girl Natasha Demkina has made several X-ray or ultrasound-free diagnoses without making any
“When she was growing up, my daughter was just an ordinary child,” said her mother, Tatyana
“Maybe she was just a little more mature than the other children of her
But the Demkina’s life changed after having appendicitis and the doctors left cotton swabs in her
“I saw a pleated tube like the vacuum cleaners inside you,” she said. Her
She did not know the words for intestines, kidneys, and At first the doctors refused to accept his visions, but testsexhaustives could not refute his

When he was presented with a patient suffering multiple ailments, Demkina identified them all, including details that escaped the
According to Dr.

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