Four Reasons to Opt for Ayurveda

Oldest System of Healing

A famous vaidyar or Ayurvedic physician from Kerala once told me that many people ask him why they should opt for Ayurveda over other systems of medicine. There was a wry smile on his face when he said this, because for most Keralites, the question is totally superfluous- Ayurveda has been a way of life for the people of this beautiful land for thousands of years. However, for those who have been brought up outside India, the query is valid. After all, in these days of cutting edge science and high tech innovations in the every field of medicine, is there a place for the world’s oldest system of healing?

A part of the answer lies in the very phrase “the world’s oldest system of healing.” Ayurveda has stood the test of time, for the documented history of this system goes back to the Vedic Age- the period between the 1 BC and 6 BC. This was the era when the ancient sages of India were divinely inspired to turn to Nature to prevent, heal and ensure good health. The treatments and therapies of Ayurveda are not new discoveries. They have evolved and been proved over thousands of years. They have been sustained and nurtured by the faith of not just the people of India, but of those living in other parts of the world where it has spread.

Focus On Prevention Rather Than Cure

A second important advantage is that Ayurveda focuses on prevention rather than just a cure. It gives an individual a detailed daily and seasonal regimen dealing with food, sleep and behavior to optimize health and prevent illness… and heal where necessary. Ayurveda heals not just at the body but the mind and soul as well, and is based on the principle of helping the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Today, when stress and high pressure lifestyles are an integral part of modern lifestyle, Ayurvedic regimens help people relax, be refreshed and rejuvenated so as to face life’s challenges better. Such a holistic approach is not found in conventional Western medicine.

The Natural Way

Of course, the most important advantage is that that Ayurveda looks to Nature for prevention and treatment of diseases. Ayurvedic concoctions and oils are derived from plants, fruits, vegetables and natural minerals. The side effects are minimal; as such natural substances cannot do your body much harm. Each herb is unique in its medicinal properties and acts as the perfect mechanism to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Personalized Treatment According To Symptoms

Ayurveda does not use a conventional, “across the board” approach to healing. Instead, your treatment is personalized according to your symptoms. An Ayurvedic physician will first evaluate your constitution and mind set, and then only decide on the approach that is best suited to you as an individual. In short, Ayurveda treats you, not your illness. This is Ayurveda’s winning edge – it treats the cause of the disease rather than just the symptoms. To sum up, Ayurveda is time tested, preventive, holistic, natural and personalized- five good reasons to let the advantages of Ayurveda work to your advantage!

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