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2 5,713 points submitted 14 days agoClement shuffled in his chair, bones creaking with every movement. Face tense and focused, Clement held his piece between his thumb and forefinger, eying the state of the game board.He moved his Knight forward, opening up a discovery canada goose outlet store check from his bishop. Death was left with only one option.Death slid his King into a corner, knowing full well what was coming next.Clement moved his idle rook forward from his opened backlines, across the board Canada Goose Coats On Sale in one fell swoop.”I believe that Checkmate,” he said, the tension draining canada goose clearance sale from his face. He leaned back into his seat, a wry smile spreading on canada goose uk outlet his thin lips. “So, now what?Death was at a loss for words. The skeletal figure remained fixated on the board, unwavering, canada goose uk shop eerily silent. Clement let the entity stew for a moment; cheap canada goose uk the last thing he wanted to do was incur the ire of Death itself.It was a long canada goose clearance time until Death spoke, his Canada Goose online voice low and official canada goose outlet canada goose store gravelly, ostensibly no louder canada goose outlet sale than a whisper, but one that carried in the wind, echoed in the silence. “Well, this is. unprecedented.” Clement felt a chill Canada Goose Parka run down his spine.Death skeletal fingers traced the edge of the chessboard, the goose outlet canada uk canada goose carved wood beginning to age and wither, crumpling into barely visible Canada Goose sale remains. And even those disappeared when Death canada goose uk black friday canada goose outlet in usa let canada goose go, leaving nothing but an empty table.”Do you want some canada goose black friday sale time to think?” Clement canada goose outlet uk asked, keeping canada goose outlet black friday his voice soft. The entity was as old as time itself, but, even canada goose outlet store uk then, he bore the mannerisms of a child; he basked buy canada goose jacket cheap in canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket jackets each piece he stolen from Clement, fumed at every loss.Perhaps it was perverse, but Clement felt an odd responsibility for him. Who knew what would happen if the cheap Canada Goose arbiter of passing were Canada Goose Online to lose his temper?”There no thinking to be done!” Death sat up, wisps of shadowy tendrils curling out from under his cloak. “You you should lost, old man!” He raised an accusatory finger, which Clement lightly pushed away.The old man smiled, the creases on his face protruding as he canada goose coats on sale met the entity eyes or, rather, eye sockets. “We all lose eventually; that just life.””No, not at all. What you just said, canada goose outlet online though. It true, all of it. canada goose coats I just a man bloody old, at that. I played chess once or twice with my grandson, and he made a fool of me both times. I had a big family, you know? All the way to great grandkids. Imagine that! Great grandchildren. And canada goose outlet new york city yet, all that, all those canada goose factory outlet faces, all of them, they just a canada goose outlet toronto factory blink in time eye. It sobering to think.”Death paused, the tendrils around him pulsating, a silent threat. He didn talk. Canada Goose Outlet For once, he listened.Clement continued. “But it not canada goose outlet uk sale easy. Living. To care long enough to see your family through for so long. At some point, most people my age just get jaded. They cease to care; the aches become too sharp, the nights too sleepless, the children too loud. Fact canada goose jacket outlet is, canada goose outlet nyc you can have it all, and, even canada goose outlet canada then, life will make a loser of you. Somehow. canada goose outlet online uk I guess what I trying to say is, God, man, genius, we all have the same weakness: life itself.”Clement uk canada goose outlet smiled bitterly, his eyes sparkling as he looked up to Death once more.”Are you implying that I discontent, mortal?”Clement simply tapped his nose. “All I saying canada goose outlet is, play me again and you find out. Don hold back now. A life is canada goose outlet shop only worth living at its fullest.”Death flicked Clement King off of the board, watching it tumble to the ground. He won in 2018 canada goose two moves. Two moves. A fool mate; the most simple blunder in Chess to avoid, tantamount to knowing not to put a fork in a toaster.And the damn man was grinning.Worst of all, Death felt hollow. The victory gave him no pleasure, canada goose outlet parka if canadian goose jacket anything, Clement seemed happier than ever.”Why are you smiling, old man?! You just forfeited your soul with that blunder.””I know!” Clement laughed, slapping his knee. “But, canada goose factory sale really, does that make you happy? Come now, be honest Canada Goose Jackets with me, Death.”Death flinched. Nobody spoke to him in such a direct manner.”If I to be rid of your vacuous philosophy, then, yes, I happy. You worse than Nietzsche. Man constantly tried to deny my existence.”Clement smile dropped some, although it didn quite fade. “I see. Well, hopefully you canada goose outlet reviews learnt a thing or two then. I suppose I be off. How does this work, do you?”Death extended his hand, a black scythe materialising in his grip, the curved tip running along canada goose black friday sale Clement neck.

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