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Kewell gets Venables era off to winning start

The one significant encounter of Terry Venables’ time as Australia’s national manager opened with a goal from Harry Kewell, and Venables’ debut at the helm of Leeds United began in identical fashion here on Saturday night. That he jetted out of Melbourne several hours later with trademark grin intact made his latest foray down under almost a roaring success.

Leeds’s 1-0 win over the Chilean domestic champions Colo-Colo was hardly the stuff of title dreams, but with his first days at the office dominated by Rio Ferdinand’s departure and the uncertain futures of Lee Bowyer and Robbie Keane it was a starting point worth savouring. Undeniably it was an can i wash my canada goose coat improvement on Australia blowing a 2-0 lead against Iran – and a World Cup berth to boot – just over four years ago.

Pressed for his own memories of a night that haunts Australian football (such as it is), Venables said he did not need to return to Melbourne to be canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps reminded of it. But with a new best mens canada goose parka season only three weeks away this trip was all about business, even if his stopover in the Seychelles left some wondering just what best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest sort.

The new manager experimented with the Norwegian international Eirik Bakke just in front of the new defensive pairing of Dominic Matteo and Jonathan Woodgate and was pleased with the mix as Leeds held the advantage established by Kewell’s moment of brilliance six minutes before half-time.

“I wanted canada goose best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest coat 1000 calorie diet to have a look at that, and I thought it was quite good,” Venables said of Bakke taking on a more defensive midfield role. “We did one or two new things, played a system that we’ve talked about and worked very hard at it. By the time we get back we’ll have about 16 days [which will] give me a chance to bed down certain things that we need to improve.”

Though Venables persisted with can you wash a canada goose coat his new defensive set-up, he made no concessions to the locals who had come to see Kewell and the home-town hero Mark Viduka. The pair featured among five half-time substitutions, which included the replacement of Bowyer with Keane. The Sydney-born Jacob Burns replaced Bakke for the last eight minutes.

Bowyer had travelled to Melbourne alone, arriving after his team-mates, but there was no hint in his performance of the lack of passion sensed by the Liverpool manager Gérard Houllier in aborting a potential move to Anfield. Keane, who has been linked with Tottenham in a trade for an old Venables favourite, Darren Anderton, had less impact on proceedings in his stead.

Michael Bridges made the only other noteworthy appearance, getting through the second half unscathed after 18 months out with ankle and knee injuries.

Though Melbourne’s Chilean community best canada goose jacket provided the vocal support, the few locals who did can you wash canada goose jacket pay the steep entrance fee were rewarded when Kewell picked up Bowyer’s pass wide on the right, beat two defenders, buy canada goose jacket nyc skipped into the box and past a third, and slammed the ball home off the goalkeeper Eduardo Lobos.

Viduka was not so prominent, earning a Venables jibe that he had “been on that boat of his enjoying himself” for much of the summer. He was confident the striker would be in peak condition come August 17, although the 30 meat pies delivered to the Leeds dressing room post-match might not help.

Leeds: Robinson; Mills, Harte, Bakke (Burns, 82), Matteo, Woodgate, McPhail (Wilcox, 45), Smith (Keane, 45), Viduka (Bridges, 45) more about canadagoosejacketoutlett, Kewell (Fowler, 45), Bowyer (Dacourt, 45).

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