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Breast dressed

Is it ever possible buy canada goose jacket nyc to be truly chic if one is in possession of large breasts? Kelly B, Brighton

My word, yes, but you have to fight against the double tyranny that shapes most women’s perceptions of themselves – fashion and men’s magazines. To the former, amazon canada goose parka big breasts are anathema because they suggest buy canada goose jacket online canada that you have managed to retain some body fat, which is very selfish as it totally gets in the way of the designer’s creation. As for the latter, which venerate women’s breasts to a teenage boy-like degree – suggesting that, like teenage boys, they probably don’t see them very often (and no surprise, really) – these magazines advocate a simultaneously lower and higher approach to dressing your breasts, ie, have the front plunge lower but hoik the breasts up higher.

Neither of these approaches – disgusted denial versus desperate flaunting – suggests chic, exactly, but the fault here lies not with the matter but the message. Empirically speaking, there is no reason on God’s green earth that breasts cannot be chic. Yes, it is true that Audrey Hepburn could hardly have been described as buxom, but despite that disadvantage, plenty of arguments can be made in breasts’ favour. After all, it is not their fault that western society is alternately obsessed or repelled by them and, to be honest, they do, when dressed with a normal attitude, improve buy canada goose coat uk most outfits.

It is an out-and-out fact that feminine garments such as wrap dresses, blouses and jumpers, to say nothing of swimsuits, look much better with a pair buy canada goose jacket usa of breasts to bolster them up. Granted, there are some things that do much better without such anatomical inconveniences – namely, halternecks, floaty chiffon dresses and strapless tops – but some of us have got through 28 years quite happily without wearing a single one of these pointless pieces. Basically, the trick is to rise above the lowly attitudes of the masses and make neither a big deal about your breasts nor indulge in a sense of shame. So don’t hoik ’em on out and don’t self-consciously cover them up, but treat them as you would any part canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet of your body that you know looks good – a swan-like neck, say, or a nicely turned ankle, whatever that may be – and show them subtly kids, without recourse to shrieking overemphasis. It’s all about a sense of superiority, as it always is in this column.

Is tie-dye ever acceptable?Michael Miller, by email

Well, let’s see. Are you a lank-haired, leprechaun-like man selling mushroom tea by the roadside in Glastonbury? An aged, smoking, T-shirt-stall owner at Camden market? Or a teenager whose brain has yet best canada goose jacket for skiing to develop properly and therefore knows not yet what he does?

If the answer to all of the above is no, then that is the answer to your question: no, Mr Miller, no, no, no. There is just no excuse for tie-dying, none whatsoever.

Yeah, fine, I’m all for peace, love and whatever the rest of buy canada goose coat uk the litany is, but do you have to express your fondness for these perfectly decent human qualities with a stupid T-shirt that wasn’t dyed properly? And why does dunking a T-shirt – or, God help us, a dress – with rubber bands knotted around it into a vat can you wash a canada goose coat of purple dye convey anything other than a distinct lack of taste? And maybe that is the point: to suggest your mind is too occupied with important things such as saving the world to realise that you are wearing a pizza down the front of your top. But that, if you don’t mind me saying, is ridiculous, on a par with claiming that it is burlington coat factory canada goose coat “unfeminist” to want to look nice.

All this does is put people off joining your respectable cause because they think that, to save the planet, they have to wear something Mama Cass would have rejected as frumpy 20 years ago. One does not demand the other and to suggest that it does is as insulting as claiming that all feminists have hairy armpits. Favours? You do yourself none.

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