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Making your child visible

I have are there any canada goose outlet stores two children aged eight and 12. The other day coming home early from work, I noticed a buy canada goose coat online small person crossing the road some way in front of me and I thought, “Gosh, they look almost invisible.” It was only as I got closer that I realised it was my own 12-year-old walking home from school! It horrified me. We live in central London but the bit we live in has very atmospheric (read badly lit) streets. He wears a uniform but is allowed to wear his own outer jacket as long as it’s in keeping with the uniform, so it can’t be anything obviously “sporty” or have huge logos on. But added to that (because at the end of buy canada goose jacket online canada the day my child’s safety comes before the uniform rules – he is, after all click over here, out of school at that stage) he is starting to become fairly fashion-conscious and much as I want to kit him out in a full reflective orange jacket, I know he won’t wear it. Any advice would be most appreciated. DM, Swiss Cottage, London

It may be an idea to take him out on a drive one evening and show him how hard it is to see people in dark clothing. I think until you’ve buying a canada goose jacket online done that, it’s hard to appreciate how invisible one can be, even in the early evening in a built-up area. Obviously, whatever we get for our children, they have the option of not wearing it/forgetting, so I think it’s important they understand why it’s necessary.

You don’t canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland have to buy your son a dedicated high-visibility orange waistcoat; you could add things to his current winter coat or bag. Evans ( are there any canada goose outlet stores 01293 574900) has things such as reflective ankle bands (£5.99, code S448), although you may struggle to convince your son to wear them. But you can also buy Respro Hang Tags (£8.99, code S533); these are hanging tags that you can attach to any buy canada goose jacket online canada clothing or, more realistically, bags, and the beauty is that once they’re on, they’re on. Or there’s the Ultra Sticker Sheet (£9.99, code S528C), which is a sheet of adhesive reflective stuff you can cut into whatever shape you want and attach to his existing jacket, bag buy a canada goose jacket online or maybe his shoes.

Although I doubt he’ll wear it, remember that a Sam Browne belt (£12.99, ref S447) is a pretty good way of being visible. It’s cheap and you can fold it up and keep it in a pocket when not in use. However, you do have to remember to put it on.

If you did want to go down the jacket route, Millets ( 0800 389 5861) has a rather fine hi-vis offering. It’s a work of genius, a breathable lightweight canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews waterproof jacket of really good quality. It has a light lining of fleece and a hood, but the piece de resistance is that it has a battery-powered light strip that runs across the arms (the tiny battery pack lives in a special internal pocket). You can switch it to constantly on, blinking or off. The jacket comes in two colours: purple and lilac (code 041406) or black and blue (code 041407). Both are pretty sombre with no logos canada goose coat – victoria (or, I was going to say, flashing lights but of course it does have those). It comes in sizes to fit ages three to 13, prices are £15.99-£17.99. Millets also has light-reflective rucksacks (£9.99, code 100255) with which your son could just replace his current school bag.

It’s completely not suitable for a fashion-conscious boy-teenager but Cheeky Chums has a hi-vis pack, £15.95 ( 01343 555255) that comes in pink/silver or navy/silver. The pack consists of a reflective tabard with 12 – count ’em! – lights on it that again is battery-run and can be switched on or off; and also a reflective armband. It’s made for horse riders but there’s no reason why any child can’t wear them.

A quick update on past columns. I’ve had various enquiries and follow-ups on, would you believe it, shopping trolleys (July 1), including one from a scientist who is going to try to work on the definitive shopping trolley. Now, wouldn’t that be exciting? Melvyn wrote in to tell me about Rolser, which make rather funky Spanish shopping trolleys from £35, although the more fashionable and wild ones, viz Andy Warhol’s Marilyn design, are £68. It doesn’t beat having a chauffeur to carry all your stuff to the car, however. Michael Barnell wrote in to tell me that the Writestand writing stand I featured for £82.25 on October 7 can be bought for £19.99 at code 23628.

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