Bala Chikitsa- Ayurveda for a Healthy Child

When your child falls ill, Ayurveda offers you a natural way of healing that has been practiced for thousands of years without any adverse effects. Bala Chikitsa is Ayurveda’s Pediatrics. But Bala Chikitsa, or Kaumarbritya as it is also called, deals with more than just the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to children. Bala Chikitsa extends to the well being of a child right from the time of its conception- and even before. So it includes gynecology as well. Did you know that there is a technique in Ayurveda called punsavan vidhi , which can influence a child’s gender, intelligence and constitution even before birth ?

Ayurveda, or more specifically Bala Chikitsa, lays down guidelines for a trouble free pregnancy, by prescribing a detailed diet plan and daily regimen as well as the nutrition and conduct necessary for the mental, psychological and physical well being of the mother-to-be. Bala chikitsa has the answers to any problems that appear during pregnancy and childbirth, for Ayurveda teaches us that perfect health is necessary for a mother to deliver a healthy baby.

Post Natal Care with Bala Chikitsa

Bala Chikitsa has protocols to be followed in the care of both mother and child after delivery. Vaidyars or Ayurvedic physicians  will give you detailed instructions on care of the new born,  the most important of which is feeding the baby only breast milk. Special care is to be given to the child in each and every stage of growth. The room where the baby is kept is sterilized by smoking with medicinal herbs that have sterilizing and cleaning properties. There are also certain traditional rituals regarding newborns that have their roots in Ayurveda. For example, in Kerala, where Ayurveda has been a way of life for almost 5000 years, gold powder is mixed with honey and ghee and rubbed on a newborn’s tongue. This is believed to act as a brain tonic to stimulate the brain.  An infant’s diet   is meticulously tailored to the digestive power of the child at each month. Even rituals like piercing of a child’s ear have their foundation in Ayurveda, which recommends ear piercing to improve immunity. Ayurveda also suggests the use of specific toys with strict preparation protocols for the child. These toys are selected with great care as they improve the overall cognition of the child.

From birth till adulthood

Bal Chikitsa or Kaumara Bhritya  has been dealt with in great detail  in the timeless  classical  works of Ayurveda-  the  Vagbhata, Ashtanga Samgraha and Ashtanga Hridaya, as well the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta  Samhita. Thousands of years ago, the great Ayurvedic physician Charaka, described the growth of the fetus in great detail in his books. Bala Chikitsa deals with minute details of various disorders concerning children’s health such as gastrointestinal diseases, teething disorder and rickets. It is concerned with every aspect of your child’s well being from the moment of birth till he or she is 16 years old. Other than gynecology and pediatrics, this branch of science also thoroughly deals with the problem of infertility, its causes and treatment methods. With Bala Chikitsa, a child benefits from the natural goodness of Ayurveda , the age old holistic system of medicine that believes that a healthy and happy society  is possible only when its  children in it are healthy and happy too.

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