Ayurvedic Treatment For Tonsillitis

A sore throat. Difficulty in swallowing. High fever. Chills. Headaches and ear-aches. These are all symptoms of tonsillitis, which afflicts many children with alarming regularity. The preliminary symptoms are usually followed by swollen and red tonsils with a white discharge. Children start missing school frequently, and as a result, they begin to do badly in their studies too, to add to the worries of their parents. Some doctors suggest surgery, but there is a school of thought that advises against it on the grounds that removing the tonsils can open the door to other infections. Parents are generally confused, and as a result, many of them opt for Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of healing that has been practiced in India for over 5000 years- especially in the state of Kerala where it flourishes in its purest form.
Ayurveda’s Way

Ayurveda treats tonsillitis by fighting the condition from the roots, and by fortifying the body against future attacks. Ayurveda does not have a standard treatment for illness. Rather, an individual’s constitution is carefully studied, and the treatment and medicines are formulated specifically for that person. Ayurvedic physicians consider recurring infection and inflammation of the tonsils to be a key factor in illness in later life. Therefore, the entire immune system is treated. One of the herbal medicines given is a tablet called Khadiraadi vati. It is made up entirely of the roots, flowers and bark of certain medicinal plants. The tablet has to be kept in the mouth and chewed slowly. Another powder Sitopalaady choorna is also prescribed. It is a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, long pepper, bamboo shoots and powdered sugar, dried and ground into a fine powder in a specific proportion. It is considered to be an effective bronchodilator and expectorant, which allows phlegm to be coughed up. To develop immunity, a paste that has to be mixed with honey, known as Agastya Rasayana, is very effective. It is a herbal tonic.


The Routine for Relief

There are several Ayurvedic home remedies for tonsillitis. Gargle with water in which fenugreek seeds have been boiled and have hot tea with honey whenever the symptoms of tonsillitis first appear. Hot fomentation on the front of the neck twice or thrice daily helps in decongestion. Another Ayurvedic home remedy for tonsillitis is cutting a lemon into half and then pressing salt and black pepper into it. Then heat the lemon and suck all the juice from it- the tart, salty and peppery taste is very soothing. Generally speaking, you should take care to see that all spicy foods, ice creams or cold desserts, and even very hot foods are avoided .Many parents have found these remedies to be extremely effective, and are happy that their children are not missing so many days of school anymore … and they give the credit to Ayurveda!

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