Ayurveda’s Treatment For Glaucoma

A few days after her 38th birthday, Shanti Devi was diagnosed as suffering from Glaucoma. She had been under a great deal of stress, caring for a bed ridden mother, a difficult teenage son and a very demanding husband. To add to her tension, she kept seeing black spots and had occasional pain in the eyeball, sometimes accompanied by a headache, so she decided to have her eyes tested. The ophthalmologist conducted a series of tests that confirmed that she had Glaucoma in one eye. Kopen nike air max schoenen Glaucoma is an eye disease that is generally associated with a rise in pressure inside the eye, finally leading to blindness if not detected at an early stage. It may or may not exhibit any or all the symptoms that troubled Shanti Devi. A healthy eye is kept moist and clean by a fluid called eye aqueous. Hogan Rebel However, if the path of this fluid is blocked, pressure in the eye, known as intra-ocular pressure or IOP rises…and this leads to damage of the optic nerve, resulting in Glaucoma. In Shanti Devi’s case, she had lost partial vision in one eye. She underwent laser treatment and used the prescribed eye drops regularly, before she finally decided to try Ayurveda as a precautionary measure to prevent Glaucoma in the other eye. nike air max 2017 grijs According to Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of healing, Glaucoma is a disease thought to be caused by the imbalance of the body’s three doshas or life forces, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Impaired vision and eye problems are often related to Pitta imbalance. The best remedy is to keep Pitta cool and calm with proper foods and daily meditation, so that the body’s unique balance of the three doshas, on which good health depends, is regained. Ayurveda’s management of glaucoma consists of four paths- diet regulation, Panchkarma treatment, oral medicine, Yoga and meditation. These procedures help to clear the obstruction in the flow of aqueous fluid in eye so that intra ocular pressure can be maintained in a normal range. The Way of Ayurveda Shanti Devi consulted a famous Ayurvedic physician, whose forefathers had practiced this 5000 year old holistic healing system in Kerala, popularly known as the home of Ayurveda, for generations. Nike Air Max 1 Dames She was prescribed a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that were important to the eye. These included zinc and copper, antioxidants Vitamin C, B, E, A and selenium. soldes air max 1 pas cher Foods such as citrus fruits, , sprouts, guava, banana and straw berries were recommended, and she was advised to deink small amounts of water during the day. Oranges, carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, papayas, Indian gooseberry, tomato, capsicum are cabbage are all useful in Glaucoma Shanti Devi also underwent a course of . Panchakarma procedures like Thalam, Shirodhara, Tarpana and Nasyam. These therapies are of great help in Glaucoma. For Thalam, Indian pennyworts, staff tree and Sida plant are used in preparing a herbal paste. Herschel Walker Jerseys During shirodhara herbal oil, medicated milk, and medicated butter milk are poured on forehead in a specified manner for about 45-50 minutes. Tarpana is basically an eye cleansing process and gives a cooling effect to the eye. It involves the retention of medicated ghee over the eyes up to 30 minutes a day. Nasayam is the pouring of herbal oil in drops into the nostrils and inhaling the contents. New Balance 999 hombre Shanti Devi also underwent a course of Virechan which is the intake of safe herbal medicines leading to elimination of poisonous wastes from the body. Shanti Devi was told to take the Ayurvedic formulation known as Triphla churan daily. Indian gooseberry juice with honey, and Lehyams of aniseed, babul, carrot, coriander and marigold were also prescribed. asics gel stratus donna She started to do yoga and meditation, which are beneficial since stress plays a significant role in raising the intra-ocular pressure that triggers the occurrence of Glaucoma. Jordan 4 Sale Yoga and meditation are vital for stress reduction, which in turn, helps to reduce and prevent IOP. However, the patient should take particular care to avoid any posture where the head is kept down The rejuvenating medicines of Ayurveda give strength to the optic nerve and hence restore the vision within limitations. Complete recovery of the vision is not possible at any cost in severely visual impaired. So, the wise decision is not to under estimate the damaging power of glaucoma and treatment should be started at the earliest…Shanti Devi did so, and is glad she did.

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