Ann angrily told people to back off

Now that the debates are history

Three presidential debates in the history books. So now what?

After all the hype by the media, the expectations games played by both campaigns, lowering the bar for their guy, raising the bar for the other guy, the three 90 minute sessions themselves, the post game spin by both sides and all the talking heads on television. After all that, here what we know:

Headed into that first debate, some had already written Romney political obituary. They thought the race was Canada Goose Outlet President Obama to lose. And that just what he did in that first debate. He tried to throw it all away.

Regardless of who wins the election, one of the most memorable moments of this campaign will likely be President Obama failure to show up for that debate.

The president dismal, un presidential and uninterested performance combined with Mitt Romney strong showing shook this race to its core. As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wisely predicted beforehand, that first debate did in fact turn the race down. since that moment, as the polls turned against President Obama, he been playing catch up.

The president came prepped for the remaining debates. He went on the offense against Romney and held his buy canada goose jacket cheap own. However, these last two face offs didn provide a clear winner like the debacle in Denver did.

What remains to be seen is whether the president can stop the bleeding and undo the image that he left on the 70 million Americans who watched that first debate.

Here’s my question to you: Now that the debates are history, how much did they matter?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

They mattered little. canada goose clearance sale The only thing different is that Obama Canada Goose sale didn’t bother to show up for the first dog and pony show and that permanently set him behind. I took it as an insult to those of us who support him.

Jack, The first debate impact was huge. We will all be talking for years about how to win or lose an election by one debate performance.

Ann in Charleston, South Carolina:

Debates matter in varying degrees for different people. For folks who have been paying attention throughout the primaries, the debates mattered little. For those who have just recently tuned in to the election, the debates may have helped them make a decision.

I think that they did matter and the first debate turned Canada Goose Coats On Sale the tide. Romney got to prove that he is not some sort of cold, out of touch monster. Obama, getting more desperate with each passing week, showed what an angry, petty street fighter he is. Romney came across as reasonable, smart, able to cross the aisle, capable and presidential.

Honestly, Jack, the debates don mean a thing to me personally. But then I pay attention to what these guys say from the Canada Goose Parka first day they throw their hat in the ring. It a shame we have so much information available to weed through yet so few of us even bother.

Some of my favorite TV programs were not on and website that was a bummer. In terms of the election, they provided nothing of buy canada goose jacket value.

Jack, the debates mattered a lot. There is no doubt that voters were paying attention. How could they miss seeing the debates on every major broadcast channel?

That said, the last debate is the one most will remember, canada goose as memories of particulars fade quickly. In that debate, Gov Romney failed to clearly and simply illuminate the tremendous failures of the last four years and offer a clear alternative.

This is too bad, since he does in fact have alternatives that will move America back away from bloated government, which in the final analysis is the greatest inhibitor of a robust, free economy and jobs.

It is too bad that checking onsite, since both participants tend to have worse memories that even I do in my old age.

What incredible Jack is how a good percentage of Americans including many in the media and for 90 minutes even the President allowed Mitt Romney to re invent himself yet again. He basically went unchallenged and was able to wipe out over a decade of historical data and ever changing positions. More surprisingly no mention of Mitt unwillingness to come clean on his tax returns in any of the debates. The moderators certainly took it easy on old Mitt. To answer your question I suspect the President did just canada goose coats enough last night to win a 2nd term.

For the 94% of us, or even the 47% of us who have figured it out long ago, they mattered little. The only thing different is that Obama didn’t bother to show up for the first dog and pony show and that permanently set him behind. I took it as an insult to those of us who support him. To the so called “undecided,” it swayed them toward the pathological liar running against Obama. If they really hadn’t made up their minds many, many months ago, it is terrifying to me that our fate is left to a handful of people who are so clueless that they will undoubtedly be snookered into voting for an obvious, flimflamming, canada goose outlet toronto factory flip flopping, smoke and mirrors, oligarchic plutocrat.

For the party faithful, no change. For those on the fence, the debates may canada goose black friday sale have canada goose store helped them decide between the lesser of two flawed candidates. Canada Goose Online Reality is until Congress changes the middle class and poor will remain on a financial cliff, told to take care of their own while they are taxed to death, and watch in anger while the rich corporations and individuals raid the Treasury. Why? Because both parties are beholden to the top 1%, Wall Street, and the Big Banks. They were the real winners canada goose clearance in 2008 and will be the real winners in 2012 and beyond until the majority of Americans toss and keep tossing the clowns in Congress out of office. Just follow the money and you see.

Debates matter in varying degrees for different people. The overriding factor for any of us canada goose replica is our basic perception of how government should work and which candidate makes the most sense in light of that perception, so debates offer some insight into how the candidates think and how they fit into our view of government. For folks who have been paying attention throughout the primaries, the debates mattered little. For those who have just recently tuned in to the election, the debates may have helped them make a decision.

Debates matter, especially substantive debates. The debates clearly showed that Romney is a dangerously ambitious man who will say and do anything to get elected. Romney will team up with anyone, even peddlers of hate, to advance his interest. Romney stands for nothing. He has no respect for 47% of Americans. He has no respect for President Obama or the office of the presidency. Romney is an elitist who doesn believe the rules apply to him. Ann angrily told people to back off. America can afford to go back. Forward! Obama/Biden 2012! Mitt Romney 1040!

In my opinion, IF the voters of the United States elect Romney as their President, there will be more trouble than they are facing now. He is unpredictable, Canada Goose Jackets changes his story very often and I don think canada goose coats on sale he is on the up and up. I think he is for Mitt Romney and has no canadian goose jacket concern for the ordinary person who has to make a living and make ends meet. I believe he does not have a good attitude about foreign policy and would put the US into another useless war, thus putting the military in harms way AGAIN. Just like George W. Bush he, 2018 canada goose outlet in my opinion is a war mongrel. I live in Canada and I have followed canada goose deals both Candidates and I am very afraid for the people of the USA if they vote Romney in as their President. Rich people don need that job simply because they do not understand what the ordinary people struggle with every day and you don need any more wars or higher taxes. Thank you

After the first debate I felt they were a waist of time. But as I listened I started to get what really was going on. Romney was a pathetic puppeteer for the Republican genre. He changed his story to meet the moment and time. If I can say anything for the President he has been constant in his message since he was elected. Obama and the Democrats were dealt a loosing hand of cards since day one. forgets where he started and with what he was given as a starting point. When you begin in a deep hole chances are you may not get out very easily for a long time.

Unfortunately for Presidet Obama, that first debate was a disaster. He allowed Mitt Romney back in the ballgame. Last nights debate was telling. The Preeident felt the urgency to become more aggressive while Romney was content at remaining passive and non confrontational. In essence, Romney seemed content to rest on his laurels while Obama was attempting to reverse momentum. Personally, I beleive Romney will say or do anything to become President. He has canada goose outlet store locations been actively campaigning for the past six years. His fathers failure to achieve that goal may be his driving force. He prides himself on being a successful businessman, however, the last successful businessman to be elected President was Herbert Hoover and cheap Canada Goose we all know how well that worked out for us. There an old Irish proverb that maintains the devil you know is Canada Goose online better then the one you don I stick with Obama.

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